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Re: Convert Graphics3D to Graphics2D. Is it possible?

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  • Subject: [mg103927] Re: Convert Graphics3D to Graphics2D. Is it possible?
  • From: Alexei Boulbitch <Alexei.Boulbitch at>
  • Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 07:18:26 -0400 (EDT)


if I understand you right, you need a 2D projection of your 3D curve, do you? Then why not to try this or alike:

ParametricPlot[{Cos[\[Theta]], Sqrt[\[Theta]]}, {\[Theta], 0, 6 Pi}]
ParametricPlot[{Sin[\[Theta]], Sqrt[\[Theta]]}, {\[Theta], 0, 6 Pi}]


However, if not to answer your question literally, you seem to be ready to report your result as a paper in a journal. 
May be you know all this, then excuse me. If not, a good idea might be to draw a more simple curve that is
not your solution and has less points in it, but looks pretty like that and allows to qualitatively discuss 
all you need. You may then show some important fragments of the solution either separately, or as insets in the same graph.

It may be not the case, if for instance, you need to show a phase portrait with a lot of trajectories, e.g. to show the whole 
solution is inevitable, if you do not want to draw it by hand. The image however, appears to be too large even to 
be sent by e-mail. When I met such a problem myself, I exported (or simply Copy-Pasted) my heavy image into Adobe 
Illustrator and then saved it into say, jpg file with the medium or low quality.
This enabled me to considerably decrease the size of the image. The result may be then saved into the format required by 
the journal of your choice.  

Have success, Alexei

On 12 Oct, 02:04, "David Park" <djmpark at > wrote:
> Why isn't the regular output suitable for publication? It is a 2D image.

I would like to have a Mathematica's Graphics2D-representation for
having an ability to modify 2D-projections of 3D-objects. In my
particular case, the curve to plot is very complex and I need extra
large set of points for having the right representation. The generated
vector plot has size tens megabytes. I would want to optimize the
number of points in 2D-projection rather than in 3D because it is much
more straightforward and simpler.

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