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Version numbesr. Was Re: ToExpression[.., TexForm]

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  • Subject: [mg104431] Version numbesr. Was Re: ToExpression[.., TexForm]
  • From: "Nasser M. Abbasi" <nma at>
  • Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2009 01:53:26 -0500 (EST)
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> For people with Mathematica, simply do Help > About Mathematica, and up 
> comes the information box.
> For those interested in teh current status, here is the relevant URL.
> Current version is 7.0.1. To find this on our site took a bit of doing (I 
> mean, I knew the answer, but wanted to figure out how someone outside 
> Wolfram Research could get this information).
> Start at the main site Click on PRODUCTS (upper left). At 
> this point I had to go to Quick Links near bottom left, "Select from the 
> list". This gave an option "Mathematica Version Information". I selected 
> that and hit "Go". It brought me to the location whose URL is indicated 
> above.
> Daniel Lichtblau
> Wolfram Research

Thanks, but there is a bit of confusion here, and I think the page could be 
better designed.

When one points the mouse on "Products", which is what one normally does, 
one gets a list, then selects Mathematica from the list. This is what you'd 
expect one to do, right? Select a product from a list that comes up? not 
"click" on products itself, but click on the item that comes up from the 
list. When doing this, this is the cycle ones gets into

1. go to
2. mouse over products, menu comes up, look at menu, and click Mathematica
3. Mathematica page comes up (nothing here about current version number if 
different), only version 7 it says.
3. at the bottom of the page there is "Mathematica product family" with a 
little arrow >>> at the end meaning more, so I clicked in that just to see 
what is there.
4. Nothing in this page about the version number. At the bottom page there 
is a quick links menu telling me "What are you looking for?", Now, I am 
looking for Mathemtica product version number, but I was on the Mathematica 
product page to start from? ok
5. When I click on quick links, the first item that comes up is Mathematica, 
and that is what I am looking form, and that is what caught my eyes, so I 
click on that, only to find I am back on the same page I was in step 3 

So you can see how a customer would find it hard to find such a simple 

You'd think the version number should be on the same page as the Mathematica 
product itself, after all, it says "7" in big letters on the Mathematica 
page. If the version is 7.0.1, then why does it says "7" there? and then it 
says "7.0.1" somewhere else?

But thanks for the info, may be a bit of design improvement could be done 
there. WRI pages are excellent pages, but nothing is perfect, I know.


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