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Re: Mathematica Programming

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  • Subject: [mg108931] Re: Mathematica Programming
  • From: Arturas Acus <acus at>
  • Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2010 07:25:19 -0400 (EDT)
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Dear David,

we use webMma several years. Short explanations running linux OS from my
expierence below.

On Wed, 7 Apr 2010, David Park wrote:

> Very interesting question.
> I have never been able to understand the promotional material for
> webMathematica. Can one run webMathematica from a standard user web site
> provided by an ISP?

To run webMma you have to sign special agreement with Wolfram and 
register server in their data base.

Or does one have to have one's own server setup, and
> what would that consist of?
We use our own web server running separate linux machine. In addition to 
web server (apache in our case) webMma requires tomcat server. And if You 
want not just Mathematica kernel functionality, but also to display Mathematica 
generated graphics, then xvnc server is also needed (we use tightvnc).

Where would the Mathematica engine that drives
> webMathematica actually reside? (It would be nice to have an answer that I
> could operationally understand and not in some jargon.)
Mathematica is installed in usual unix way for some user. You can 
imagine webMma as an java script collection, which accepts web inquiries, 
then cals Mathematica kernel (which in turn cals Mathematica front end to generate 
graphics) and then puts Mathematica generated rezults back. As I mentioned tomcat 
server plays central part here. webMathematica scripts provides call 
security check as well as limits for allowed kernel computation time, 
size, kernel number, restart times, etc...

Is webMathematica
> something accessible for ordinary Mathematica users and developers, or is it
> ultimately a high priced institutional type application?

High priced application

Is it available to
> Premier subscribers?
> If I recollect correctly, there is a possibility that in the near future WRI
> will provide a way so that anyone can read a Mathematica notebook on line in
> a web browser. Would this include the use of active controls and be able to
> utilize private packages?  Would this be an alternative to webMathematica?
> Lots of questions, but being able to communicate efficiently with people who
> don't presently have Mathematica is still the missing link.
> David Park
> djmpark at
> From: Nicholas Chung [mailto:nchung66 at]
> I have Mathematica 7 but I was wondering how it compares to
> WebMathematica and WorkBench? Can I create full applications and
> interactive websites with Mathematica? How much control do I have over
> the user interface design?

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