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Re: Pade Approximation (further generalizations?---feature request)

On Apr 14, 10:39 pm, David Reiss <dbre... at> wrote:
> Another addition to the Pade Approximant function that would be very
> useful would be the generalized Pade Approximant: these are Pade
> Approximants that are based on more than one expansion point. I coded
> this up many years ago for some work in Radar propagation analysis
> (never published but I really should have...):
> more stuff on Radar is here...  which I really should do something
> commercial with sometime....
> --David
> On Apr 14, 5:16 am, telefunkenvf14 <rgo... at> wrote:
> > I've been playing around with PadeApproximant[] in Mathematica and have=
> een
> > really impressed at the accuracy of the approach.
> > According to Wikipedia:
> > A Pad=E9 approximant approximates a function in one variable. An
> > approximant in two variables is called a Chisholm approximant, in
> > multiple variables a Canterbury approximant (after Graves-Morris at
> > the University of Kent).
> > Does anyone know if v8 will include Chisholm and Canterbury
> > approximation?
> > -RG

Good timing! I actually came across a economics paper last night that
used Pade at more than one point, so it would be nice to see how this
could be coded in Mathematica.

Could you show me? (I understand if you don't want to, or if there are
too many other dependencies on other package functions.)


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