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Re: How to make style sheet with header

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  • Subject: [mg109183] Re: How to make style sheet with header
  • From: Murray Eisenberg <murray at>
  • Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2010 05:50:34 -0400 (EDT)

Could you try resending the Input cell shown below.  It is obviously 
garbled, as a number of lines end with a hyphen (and, strangely, 
continuation lines begin with a double-level e-mail reply symbol >> ).

On 4/14/2010 5:15 AM, Simon wrote:
> Hi Jason,
> This one is easy when you know how.  It is controlled by a notebook
> option called DockedCells.  This can be set up in the stylesheet, like
> in the "Confidential Report" style -- or on the notebook level using,
> eg, SetOptions.  Also see the example in the help files for
> DockedCells.
> Here's an example that will give you a left, centered and right object
> in a docked Title cell:
> SetOptions[EvaluationNotebook[],DockedCells-
>> Cell[BoxData[GridBox[{{ "Left","Centered Title"   ,"Right" }}]],
>      GridBoxOptions->{GridBoxAlignment->{"Columns"-
>> {{Left,Center,Right}}},GridBoxItemSize->{"Columns"-
>> {Scaled[0.15],Scaled[0.70],Scaled[0.15]}}}, "Title",FontSize->10,
> CellSize ->  {100, 18}, Background ->  LightBlue, CellMargins ->  {{0,
> 0}, {0, 0}}, CellTags ->  "DockedTitle"]]
> For use in all of your companies notebooks, you should probably set up
> a company stylesheet.   Look at the one for "Confidential Report" to
> see how it is done.
> Hope that helps,
> Simon
> On Apr 13, 11:01 am, eba... at wrote:
>> I have been trying unsuccessfully to make a style sheet with a
>> header. I am not talking about a header that appears when you
>> print the notebook. I am talking about a header that is on the
>> notebook itself.
>> An example of what I am talking about is the "Confidential Report"
>> style sheet that is available with Mathematica. It says
>> "Confidential" at the top, and you can't just delete or close it.
>> I would like a header for use in my company, where all company
>> notebook files would have the company logo as a header on top.
>> Thanks all,
>> Jason Ebaugh

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