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Re: cant free ram..

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  • Subject: [mg109285] Re: cant free ram..
  • From: dh <dh at>
  • Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2010 05:52:23 -0400 (EDT)
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On 19.04.2010 11:59, ValeX wrote:
> i'm running a Do loop over a grid of points, say 100x100.
> the problem is that for every grid point the ram used increases by 1.4
> MB and so i cant actually finish the evaluation
> [100x100x1.4 is roughly 14GB]
> of all the outputs i need only 3 numbers per grid point and so i tried
> the following:
> ClearAll[all the variables i used and i dont need anymore];
> ClearSystemCache[];
> Unprotect[In, Out]; Clear[In, Out]; Protect[In, Out];
> but the memory does not go down...
> even if i do Remove["Global`*"] nothing happens.
> in the Do loop i do a bunch of things like FindRoot, Interpolation,
> NDSolve, NIntegrate, ..
> is it that maybe i've got to clear some specific place other than the
> history and Global?
Mathematica version 7.0.1
ClearAll does not seem to work with a pattern. Consider:
d = RandomReal[{-1, 1}, 10^7];
this does not clear the memory. However, If you use
it works.


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