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Re: How to disable Integrate[] ?

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  • Subject: [mg109492] Re: How to disable Integrate[] ?
  • From: "slawek" <slawek at>
  • Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2010 05:49:09 -0400 (EDT)
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U=BFytkownik "Christoph Lhotka" <christoph.lhotka at> napisa=B3w
wiadomo=B6ci grup dyskusyjnych:hrbaas$hon$1 at
> Simplifiy[...., ExcludedForms->{Integrate[__,_]}]

Nice, but it doesn't work, check yourself:

In[1]:= int1 = HoldForm[Integrate[x + x, {x, a + a, b + b}]];
In[2]:= int2 = HoldForm[Integrate[1/(1 + Sin[x]^(1/3)), {x, a + a, b + b}]];
In[3]:= Simplify[int1 // ReleaseHold,  ExcludedForms -> {Integrate[_, _ ]}]
In[4]:= Simplify[int2 // ReleaseHold,  ExcludedForms -> {Integrate[_, _ ]}]

> IntegrateH[expr,vars]

Yes, it is possible replace Integrate by an dummyIntegrate or similar
placeholder. It should be even possible to define some simple rules for
i.e. dummyIntegrate[a_,lst_]+ dummyIntegrate[b_,lst_] ->
dummyIntegrate[a+b,lst] and so on. But, I think that it is not the most
finesse way. I think that some global switch, like the iteration limit and
the recursion limit should work better. Unfortunatelly these limits don't
force Mathematica give up simplification but abort calculation with an
"Abort" msg.


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