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Re: A new graphic user interface

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  • Subject: [mg111794] Re: A new graphic user interface
  • From: Uayeb <uayebswinburne at>
  • Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2010 06:57:27 -0400 (EDT)
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Kevin and Murry,

Although I've never tried, it seems Mathematica should already provide
much of the functionality needed to do this. I must admit I'm often
plagued by the same problem, so a fix to this would be handy.

Seems that we should be able to set a hook on on a regular event that
causes the notebook to be saved (possibly a copy in a temporary
location). For my own purposes, ideally this could be every time
evaluation completes.

I had a look through the documentation for EventHandler,
NotebookEventActions, and FrontEndEventActions, but none of them seem
to have an "evaluation complete" event.

The documentation at FrontEndEventActions has an example which is very
similar to what we need, though: it adds a hook to closing a window
that appends the title of the notebook to a list.

I wouldn't be surprised if such an event isn't generated somewhere,
but it doesn't seem to be documented.Anyone else have any ideas?

Andy Green

Astronomy PhD Student
Swinburne University

On Aug 12, 7:25 pm, "Kevin J. McCann" <Kevin.McC... at> wrote:
> Murray,
> I totally agree with these 3 "requirements". There is nothing more
> disheartening to a student who is new to Mathematica that to have the las=
> hour's work disappear for reasons that are not even clear. I have gotten
> in the habit of saving often ("save early, save often"). I have a number
> of calculations that can take a lot of memory, and if this gets too big,
> it can crash Mathematica with ensuing wailing and gnashing of teeth.
> Kevin
> Murray Eisenberg wrote:
> > The main issues, from my point of view are simply to ensure:
> > (1) if Mathematica crashes, you only lose the past so-many minutes work=
; and
> > (2) you can readily retrieve earlier versions of a notebook;
> > (3) and take care of all this directly from within Mathematica.
> > Of course one uses other backup tools to back up whole folders,
> > partitions, or drives.

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