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Re: Equation style crash bug

When I have two consecutive text cells and I press Backspace at the 
beginning of the second one, the two cells merge. That's what I would expect 
to happen when the consecutive cells are equations instead.

From: "Murray Eisenberg" <murray at>
Sent: Sunday, August 15, 2010 10:11 AM
To: "becko" <becko565 at>
Subject: [mg111878] Re: [mg111784] Equation style crash bug

> Yes, I'm getting the same thing with Windows XP Professional (SP3), 
> Mathematica 7.0.1, and the JournalArticle style sheet.
> (What should be happening, of course, is: nothing. That is, if you're at 
> the beginning of the cell, then Backspace should not move the cursor or 
> have any other effect.)
> Sorry, when I tried this before and said I couldn't reproduce it, it was 
> with a prerelease version of Mathematica. For the obvious reason, I cannot 
> post this reply as a follow-up to MathGroup.
> On 8/15/2010 4:37 AM, becko wrote:
>> I have Windows 7 and Mathematica 7.0.0.
>> Every time I do that sequence of steps, or more generally, every time I
>> have two consecutive equations, and I have the cursor at the beginning
>> of the second equation, if I press backspace I invariably get a crash of
>> Mathematica.
>> I just want to know if anyone has a similar issue before trying to
>> reinstall Mathematica or something.
>> Thanks.
>> --------------------------------------------------
>> From: "Murray Eisenberg" <murray at>
>> Sent: Saturday, August 14, 2010 9:23 AM
>> To: "becko" <becko565 at>
>> Subject: Re: [mg111784] Equation style crash bug
>>> For what it's worth: I just tried that in a prerelease version and did
>>> not experience that crash. (That's under Windows XP.)
>>> On 8/13/2010 6:55 AM, becko wrote:
>>>> 1.. Create a new blank notebook.
>>>> 2.. Select the stylesheet JournalArticle (I think any other stylesheet
>>>> with Equation style will do too)
>>>> 3.. Put the first cell with style Equation and type some equation
>>>> (anything).
>>>> 4.. Put the second cell with style Equation and type something else.
>>>> 5.. Now, put the cursor at the beginning of the second cell and press
>>>> Backspace.
>>>> Boom! That crashes Mathematica for me. All the time. Anyone has the 
>>>> same
>>>> issue?
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