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Re: "Abort Evaluation" does not work

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  • Subject: [mg112033] Re: "Abort Evaluation" does not work
  • From: Uayeb <uayebswinburne at>
  • Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 06:47:12 -0400 (EDT)
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I also often run into this problem, but in a slightly different
incarnation. Since a lot of my work involves large (several megabytes)
arrays of real numbers, usually astronomy images or 3D datacubes,
occasionally I make an error in typing a command in. Mathematica's
default response of simply printing the input form of what you gave it
when it doesnt understand means that the front end is suddenly asked
to format ten's or even hundreds of MB of numbers. I often realise my
mistake as soon as I see the pause, but of course "Abort..." is
useless. Unfortunately, as often as not, the front end simply crashes,
and I must hope that I've saved (since automatic saving/backups, also
discussed recently, doesn't exist).

I would really like to see a feature added which allows one to
interupt/cancell the work being done by the Front End, not just
Print[] statements.

Andy Green
Swinburne University

On Aug 20, 9:10 pm, Themis Matsoukas <tmatsou... at> wrote:
> > But you post does make me wonder why things behave
> > this way.
> As Simon and Seeziwa explained, the loop
> i = 1;
> While[i < 1000, Print[i]; ++i]
> does respond to 'Abort Evaluation' (but in a way that leaves the user won=
dering): it breaks the loop but it does not interrupt the printing of the i=
's that have been queued to the output. In this particular example, the loo=
p is executed very fast (too fast to Abort during its evaluation)  while =
printing, which takes much longer, does not respond to Abort and so it goes=
 on till completion, leaving the impression that nothing was aborted.
> The question then is, would it be too difficult for Mathematica to implem=
ent an abort that kills the Print? When I debug I make liberal use of Print=
 statements and sometimes I do run into this problem of runaway printing th=
at I cannot Abort.
> Themis

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