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On Aug 26, 8:46 pm, telefunkenvf14 <rgo... at> wrote:
> On Aug 25, 5:05 am, Simon <simonjty... at> wrote:
> > This isn't a Mathematica post, but it does seem relevant to this
> > group.
> > I went looking for "Eric Weisstein's World of Physics" today, starting
> > from mathworld, and couldn't find it.  A quick google search found th=
> > site where it has always been:
> > Yet for some reason, sciencewolrd no longer seems to be linked to from
> > any of the wolfram sites, apart from a small note in the FAQ of
> >
> > Does anyone have any idea why this might be so, and when did it
> > happen?
> > Simon
> Can't answer your original question, but here's a Wolfram resource I
> recently came across for the first time:
> -RG

That's interesting, a good chunk of the categories aren't implemented yet...
I guess this is working towards a library/mine of simple systems that
Wolfram talks about.

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