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Re: Covariant derivatives of tensors?

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  • Subject: [mg107340] Re: Covariant derivatives of tensors?
  • From: dh <dh at>
  • Date: Tue, 9 Feb 2010 07:59:44 -0500 (EST)
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Hi Erik,
to accomodate an unknown number of indices, you may dynamically build 
the iteration specification. Here is an example:

multiindex[exp_, vars_, dim_] :=
  Table[exp, Evaluate[Sequence @@ {#, 1, dim} & /@ vars]]

if you e.g. say:  multiindex[a[i1, i2], {i1, i2}, 2]
you get: {{a[1, 1], a[1, 2]}, {a[2, 1], a[2, 2]}}


Erik Max Francis wrote:
> Working on my tensor library, I'm trying to implement the covariant 
> derivative for an arbitrary-rank tensor.  I'm keeping track of which 
> indices are contravariant/upper and covariant/lower, so the problem 
> isn't managing what each term would be, but rather I'm having difficulty 
> seeing how to take an arbitrary tensor and "add" a new index to it. 
> This in effect requires running Table with an arbitrary number of 
> indices, and then adding one.  Given the arbitrariness of the 
> multidimensional array, I'm not seeing how to do it.  The naive approach 
> would be something like:
> 	Table[
> 	    <complex function involving many terms of a[[i1]][[i2]]...>
> 	{j, n}, {i1, n}, {i2, n}, ... {ir, n}]
> where the variable si1 .. ir (r of them) range over the value 1 through 
> n for each of the indices of the tensor (of rank r), j is the additional 
> index added by the covariant derivative, and n is the dimensionality of 
> the space.
> I'm not seeing how to do this dynamically, since I don't know in advance 
> what the rank of the tensor is, and I'm still relatively new to 
> Mathematica.  Any ideas?

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