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New version of Quantum Mathematica Add-On for Dirac bra ket notation quantum algebra and quantum computing

Dear group:


We have an important update (new version) of the free Quantum Mathematica
add-on for Dirac bra ket Notation, Quantum Algebra and Quantum Computing.


We have created a YOUTUBE channel for our Mathematica add-on with screen
cast tutorials: 


The most recent version of Quantum includes:


Quantum measurements and wavefunction collapse: 


Faster noncommutative operator and commutator algebra: 


Pauli-Pascal triangle and other noncommutative generalizations of the Pascal


Step by step quantum mechanics examples  and 


Qubit measurements: 


Operations and change of basis to Bell states 


New options for quantum computing circuits, including 3D circuits 


User-defined quantum gates 


Fast Quantum Fourier Transform as well as better notation for gates: 


Algebraic expansion of quantum gates in terms of Pauli operators: 


Adiabatic quantum computing 


We hope you find useful these updates. Quantum can be downloaded from 


Thank you




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