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Re: Mathematica Player

You cannot evaluate cell expressions in Player--Player Pro is required
for this.

In Player you generally can only run items that are in the form of a
Manipulate that has both previously been evaluated and where the .np
notebook has been processed throught the wolfram web site to create a
digitally signed .nbp version.




On Jan 16, 6:10 am, John <j... at> wrote:
> Mathematica 6, Windows XP
> I have written a notebook that the students will access on player. A
> formatted screen version of the notebook will be presented in class on
> Monday.
> Our attempts to access the notebook on player did not work. The
> notebook was visible in the player window, but pressing the right
> enter key did not evaluate it. The same notebook evaluates on
> Mathematica.
> I hope someone can tell me why this isn't working.
> John

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