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Re: Re: More /.{I->-1} craziness. Schools are conservative.

"Too old to learn a new program":  I don't think it's especially 
age-related. One of the early innovators at teaching math through 
Mathematica has said, "There are as many young fogies as old fogies."

You allude to the pragmatic constraint, "Do I have time to rethink how I 
teach and what I teach, and to create or adopt new materials or learn 
how to teach in different ways."

But perhaps more essentially there's the thinking, "That's the way I 
learned it, and I turned out OK, so that has to be the right way to 
teach it."

On 1/21/2010 4:51 AM, Richard Fateman wrote:
> David Park wrote:
>> ... [A] and [B] look for flaws in Mathematica...
>> but what about flaws in present practices?
> The problems of adoption of software as you advocate are NOT especially
> dependent on the problems or flaws that we point out.  Indeed, most
> people who fail to adopt this software are not even aware of these
> flaws, but simply say the programs are too expensive and would require
> additional time to learn or teach, or  would take extra time in courses
> to teach, and would require extra people, and how about the cost of
> computer labs, and anyway I'm too old to learn a new program, etc.

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