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Re: NotebookGet/Read/EvaluateSelection Issues

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  • Subject: [mg106821] Re: NotebookGet/Read/EvaluateSelection Issues
  • From: Albert Retey <awnl at>
  • Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2010 05:41:36 -0500 (EST)
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> David,
> Thank you for your explanations and your time.

If you want to get your stuff done with mathematica, it is a good idea
to listen to what David has to say!

> I made up the simple routines to test out my "theory" of manipulating
> notebooks by means of NotebookOpen, SelectionEvaluate, etc...
> I am not technically a beginner, but I am aware that Mathematica is very
> complex package, and I have been only playing on its surface.  Most of time,
> I hated it because of it's confusing programming syntax.  It took me a long
> time to realize how the global variables work because I was used to local
> variable programming in other language (Fortran90, Basic).  I was trying to
> design the Mathematica routines in similar concept to Fortran90 design where
> you write modules in separate files, and get called up on whenever it is
> needed.

It think this is your problem: all the complicated stuff you explain
below would not be necessary if you accept that work is best done in
another way in Mathematica, whether that's good or not and whether you
like that or not. Using Packages is a first step. On the other hand you
might want to reconsider whether it is really necessary to split up your
modules in many seperate files (there are good reasons to do that, but I
am not sure if your situation justifies it). You might just as well try
to learn more about using Mathematica notebooks, you can structure your
code within a notebook using Sections, Subsections, you can even create
multiple packages and localized modules within one Notebook, so you can
put more into a file without loosing oversight than you might in a
fortran textfile. So depending on your situation, you might not even
need to create packages for what you want to achieve...

If you want to avoid further frustration, I would strongly recommend you
try to adopt the Mathematica way, otherwise you might end in endless
discussions about all the deficiencies of Mathematica (you might want to
see the 1 -> -1 thread to see what I try to tell you).

I'm not saying that everything in Mathematica is perfect and could not
be improved or that people who don't like Mathematica are stupid. But I
I am convinced that people who accept Mathematica the way it is and are
able to adopt their working style will get their problems solved in
reasonable time. People who try to make Mathematica behave as _they_
think it should will usually end in frustration and years of tilting
against windmills...



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