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Re: Re: NotebookGet/Read/EvaluateSelection Issues

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  • Subject: [mg106896] Re: [mg106741] Re: NotebookGet/Read/EvaluateSelection Issues
  • From: Paul Shreeman <pkshreeman at>
  • Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2010 06:36:12 -0500 (EST)
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Thank you very much for your time and explanations....Also, Yves, Thank you

OK, Here's what happened since then.   I made packages and tried to use Get
funciton, but was having same issues as mentioned above.  I saw this nice
little thing called, "Cell Properties" that had "Initialization Cell"
property to be unchecked/checked.  Now, I recall that David made a brief
mention of that.  I never knew what it was for.  So when I decided to make
an Initialization Cell.  It fixed all of my problem right there.  It
automatically asked me if I wanted "autosave package" based on the notebook
I was making.  I said, "SURE!"...and started to make packages like there's
no tomorrow.

The result was phenomenally much better program (notebook, with multiple
packages if you prefer).  18 packages, to be exact.  :)  Once I got all of
these 18 packages to have Initialization Cell, the values are automatically
fed into the executing notebook.

I decided to time the program... original  "BASIC GOTO LOOP procedure" took
4.657 seconds.  The new package-based one took 4.172 seconds.  I was very
surprised that new one outperformed the old one, even if I call up the same
package number of times in DO loop to recalculate the values.

Now, I don't have to scroll 15 pages long of the code up and down anymore
and getting lost in loops! Now, I know exactly what each packages are
supposed to do, so all I have to do is pull up the related notebook, make
necessary adjustment or corrections, save it, and the rest is taken care of.

In light of this, I just wanted to say thanks!  For my indulgence, anyone
can tell me how to get the Mathematica5 to generate a separate graph that
pops up like NotebookCreate[] does?  What I have is several plots being
generated, but kept delayed (plot1:=(function1), plot2:=(function2)) and
every time I do Show[plot1,plot2], it shows all three graphs
(two separate graphs, and one merged plot).  I don't want to
see separate plots, and it would be great if I could keep the executing
Notebook from scrolling, and have graphs pop out instead?

Again, thank you guys!

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