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A repair to Real Number comparison so Fateman's examples do not exhibit

(* Here's a fix for Mathematica that makes MY examples work better.
The challenge to you, should you care to accept it, is to find a 
mathematical program that you have been running previously
successfully, that FAILS with this fix.


Less[x_,y_]:= Greater[y,x]

(* two numbers that are close but not equal*)

inSameFuzzBallNE[x_,y_]:=(Head[x]===Real || Head[y]===Real)&&(x!=y)&&

(* that's all.

But here's an optional hack to display all
low-precision numbers in RED *)

PrintShowFuzz[x_] :=
  x /. (r_Real /; (Precision[r] < $LowPrecisionWarningLimit) -> 
Style[InputForm[r], Red])

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