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Re: A modified StyleSheet results in FontSize fluctuations in the pdf

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  • Subject: [mg110669] Re: A modified StyleSheet results in FontSize fluctuations in the pdf
  • From: John Fultz <jfultz at>
  • Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2010 08:27:57 -0400 (EDT)

PDF export uses the Printout environment.  So, probably, there is some variation
between the sizes used for the Working and Printout environments in your
modified stylesheet.  Note that these modifications might not involve a
different font size, but might instead involve a magnification which is set to
some value other than 100%.  The WRI stylesheets generally have
Magnification->0.8 set on the Printout Environment, so it might be as easy as

Cell[StyleData[All, "Printout"],

You can see what's going on interactively by setting your screen environment to
Printout and examining one of the notebooks.  You can do this under the
Format->Screen Environment menu.


John Fultz
jfultz at
User Interface Group
Wolfram Research, Inc.

On Wed, 30 Jun 2010 08:05:04 -0400 (EDT), Alexei Boulbitch wrote:
> Dear Community,
> I need to write documents and spread them in the  pdf format, while I
> would like to keep them for myself as the Mathematica notebooks
> containing all calculations and codes. For this purposes I like the
> JournalArticle format that meets all my requirements, except for the
> problem that the fonts there are too small. If you save such an article
> as a pdf, and then print it, you cannot read the text, since the letters
> size is much too small to see them with the bare eye. For this reason I
> often get objections, since if I cannot provide an easily readable
> document, I should use MS Word instead.
> To solve this I slightly modified the JourmalArticle format, by simply
> increasing the FontSize of the Text to 16 pts, and also some other
> FontSizes correspondingly. I also did few other minor changes, like a
> change of the Font of Formula.
> Now comes the problem and my question:
> 1. When I now produced the notebook using this new style and transform
> it into pdf, most of the chapters have the FontSize 16 as expected, but
> few others - 14 pts.  This is not wanted. When I check in the original
> notebook, the FontSize is 16 in the chapter that as shown in 16 pts as
> well as in that shown in 14 pts.
> 2. When I check the FontSize of various chapters in the notebook, some
> of them are 16, but some others are 14 pts. The strange thing here is
> that they
> a) visually have the same size of the letters in the notebook (but you
> see different figures when going to Menu/Format/FontSize), and
> b) may be shown in equal size in pdf, while some of those that have the
> "legitimate" FontSize 16 in the notebook may appear smaller in pdf, as I
> already reported.
> Do you have any idea, what is it, and what to do?
> I can send the notebooks with the style and the article, if any of you
> finds it helpful.
> Regards, Alexei
> --
> Alexei Boulbitch, Dr. habil.
> Senior Scientist
> Material Development
> IEE S.A.
> ZAE Weiergewan
> 11, rue Edmond Reuter
> L-5326 CONTERN
> Luxembourg
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> Mobile: +49 (0) 151 52 40 66 44
> e-mail: alexei.boulbitch at
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