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Re: Copying and Pasting from a Grid with Dividers

I missed the simple answer, which is to CopyAs Input Text.



David Park

djmpark at  




From: David Park [mailto:djmpark at] 


Here is a simple Grid construction with Dividers.


Grid[Array[0 &, {3, 5}],

 Dividers -> {{True, True, False, False, False, True}, {True, True, 

    False, True}}] 


Now I would like to copy and paste a sub-matrix from the output. Let's say I
select and copy the 2 row, 4 column block on the lower right. (But we could
copy any sub-matrix irrespective of the Dividers.) When I paste it into the
notebook, it is still a GridBox structure and it still shows dividers. And
the dividers are now wrong. However, when the copied item is evaluated, the
result is a simple matrix, which is just what I want. My only objection is
the appearance of the pasted material.


Is there some method such that the Dividers might be striped before the
copied material is pasted, or that the pasted material would be a simple
List structure, instead of a GridBox, in the first place?



David Park

djmpark at  

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