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Re: Programatically creating delayed

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  • Subject: [mg110258] Re: Programatically creating delayed
  • From: "Stuart Nettleton" <Stuart.Nettleton at>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2010 08:10:15 -0400 (EDT)
  • Organization: University of Technology, Sydney
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Hi Leonid,
I have found a possible solution:

ClearAll[Prev, eqns, a, b];
Prev[vec_] := Flatten[{First[vec], Most[vec]}];
eqns = Hold[
    a == Prev[b],
    b == Table[1, {3}]
lhs = Map[ToString, Cases[eqns, Equal[m_, n_] -> m]]
Scan[assignElementsFull[#, "element", 3] &, lhs]
eqns2 = Apply[List, Map[ReleaseHold, eqns]]
lhs2 = Cases[eqns2, Equal[m_, n_] -> m]
Solve[eqns2, Flatten[lhs2]]


On Thu, 10 Jun 2010 10:28:21 +1000, Stuart Nettleton  
<Stuart.Nettleton at> wrote:

> Hi Lenoid,
> Your extended function is much appreciated. It will be even more useful  
> now you have generalised it. I have avoided using Hold until now because  
> it seemed to be quite an advanced topic. As you will see from my next  
> question, I am still a bit vague when it comes to this function.
> My intended use for your assignElementsFull function is in a modelling  
> application that I simplify to the following for illustration:
> Clear[Prev, eqns, a, b];
> Prev[vec_] := Flatten[{First[vec], Most[vec]}];
> eqns = {a == Prev[b], b == Table[1, {3}]};
> lhs = Map[ToString[#] &, Cases[eqns, Equal[m_, n_] -> m]]
> Scan[assignElementsFull[#, "element", 3] &, lhs]
> eqns2 = Flatten[Map[Thread[#] &, eqns]]
> Solve[eqns2, Flatten[lhs]]
> I would like to isolate the left hand side of the equations without  
> evaluation, and then use these variables to create element vectors. Then  
> I would like to use the variables in the vector form. My experiments  
> using Hold to eliminate the errors have not yet been satisfactory.  
> Please excuse my laborious syntax!
> Would you be able to suggest a way forward?
> Many thanks,
> Stuart

Dr Stuart Nettleton
PhD, FCPA, MBA, MEngSci, BEng(Hons), GradDipAICD
Senior Lecturer
School of Management & Systems
Faculty of Engineering & IT
Energy Policy Research Centre

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