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Re: Image processing Questions

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  • Subject: [mg110597] Re: Image processing Questions
  • From: Robert Pigeon <robert.pigeon at>
  • Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2010 04:56:05 -0400 (EDT)

Hello Patrick,
	You are right about using a "commercial" paint/pictures software for
doing that. I used PhotoShop Element 8 to do it and it does exactly what I
wanted. But, after looking at the method posted at Wolfram web site
(RemoveTextFromAnImage) I wanted to try it. And it did dot worked. So I
tried to find out why and build my own process, just because the problem was
	I thought of what you proposed: doing the process on the part of the
image where the date is. That was working. Then came my second question: how
to put back that portion of the image in the original.

Anyway, thanks for your reply.! I will study your process and learn from it.

Thanks again,


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the good thing in image processing is that a method never applies
to all situations. Bad people say it only applies in the specific
testcase for what it was written.
I would take Gimp or Photo-Shop|Paint or any other ip-software and
use the *repair*-brush (sorry, I don't know the english word), since
this is faster.

The method at

works on the whole image and I wouldn't use it on my photos.
Maybe this is more appropriate and can be adapted to your photo. It
should answer your second question too:

img == ImageResize[
dsci0004.jpg"], 300]
{nx, ny} == ImageDimensions[img];
date == ImageTake[img, {190, 225}, {150, 300}]
{r, g, b} == ColorSeparate[date]
mask == Dilation[Binarize[ColorNegate[b]], 1]
street == ImageMultiply[date, ColorNegate[mask]]
tile1 == ImageMultiply[Closing[street, 4], mask]
tile2 == ImageMultiply[ColorNegate[mask], date]
tile3 == ImageAdd[tile1, tile2]
ImageCompose[img, tile3, {150, 0}, {0, 0}]


PS: If the randomly selected image link isn't working, let me know.

On Fri, 2010-06-25 at 07:26 -0400, Robert Pigeon wrote:
> Hello to all,
>  I have two questions related to image processing.
> First question : I have some pictures taken with my digital camera and on
> the pictures I have the date in red numbers on them. I would like to erase
> those numbers from the pictures. I tried the procedure described on
> web site about image processing  (Removing text from an image). But it is
> not working and I don't know why. Maybe some of you are doing it and could
> share with me the procedure ?
> Second question : I take a portion of an image using ImageTake. I do some
> processing on that portion. Now I would like to put back that portion in
> original image. How can I do that? It would be like the inverse of
> ImageTake... Any idea?
> Thanks for any suggestions,
> Robert

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