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Re: Setting PageSize and PaperSize

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  • Subject: [mg110646] Re: Setting PageSize and PaperSize
  • From: Larry Adelston <larrya at>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2010 01:50:36 -0400 (EDT)

Dear Robert,

Unfortunately the PaperSize option is not fully implemented on all
operating systems. So there is currently no reliable method for
preserving and sharing a particular paper size among all notebooks,
unless it happens to be the printer's default size.

But PageSize, PrintingMargins, and PrintRegistrationMarks can all be
preserved and shared among all notebooks if you set the options at the
Global level. Note, the numerical units used in both PageSize and
PrintingMargins are printer points, not inches. 72 points == 1 inch.
In order to set the correct sizes you must first convert the inch
values to points (i.e., multiply inch values by 72). So a page size of
11 in. X17 in. becomes 792 pts X 1224 pts.:

PageSize->{792, 1224}

Print margins of 0.25 in. all around become 18 pts.:

PrintingMargins->{{18, 18}, {18, 18}}

PrintRegistrationMarks takes a value of either True or False:


Warning, if you modify a notebook's print Margins or Registration
Marks through the dialog by choosing File > Printing Settings >
Printing Options, you will effectively override the Global-level
option settings for both PrintingMargins and PrintRegistrationMarks
for that notebook. Saving the notebook will preserve the overrides.

Regarding Registration Marks, your assumption is correct. In order to
make the Registration Marks visible in print the PageSize must be
smaller than the paper size.

The three options can be set globally simply by evaluating the

  PrintingOptions -> {"PageSize" -> {792, 1224},
    "PrintingMargins" -> {{18, 18}, {18, 18}},
    "PrintRegistrationMarks" -> True}]


On Jun 20, 2010, at 2:45 AM, Robert Wright wrote:

> Hi Math Group
> Why does Mathematica not save the Paper Size option?
> When I go through the sequence below I get the page and printing  
> setup I want:
> File
> Printing Settings
> Page Setup
> Paper Size (set it to 11x17in)
> I then save the Notebook, close it, and then open it again. Only  
> now, the Notebook has the initial settings of 8.5x11in. ? I  
> obviously want the Paper Size and Page Size to be set to the values  
> I set previously in each notebook. Is the default styesheet over- 
> writing my changes? Is there a way of preserving the changes?
> I have tried SetOptions[ EvaluationNotebook[], opt1, opt2.....] and  
> get the same behavior. My goal is to have the following setup:
> PaperSize: 11x17in.
> PageSize: 11x17in.
> Margins: 0.25in all around
> PrintRegistrationMarks: on (do I need to set the PageSize to less  
> than the PaperSize to these?
> Thanks
> Robert

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