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Re: 2D plots of data points

On 5/11/10 at 6:27 AM, niels.martinsen at (Niles) wrote:

>I have the data-points {1,2,3}, {4,5,6} and {7,8,9} and I wish to
>plot them in a 2D-plot (x,y) ranging from x:0..2 and y:-2..0. The
>coordinates of the points should be

>1: (0,0) 2: (1,0) 3: (2,0) 4: (0,-1) 5: (1,-1) 6: (2,-1) 7: (0,-2)
>8: (1,-2) 9: (2,-2)

>Is there a smart way of doing this? is it furthermore possible to
>make the data-points larger, i.e. so there is no white-space between
>the points? Any hints/help will be greatly appreciated.

You can plot a list of data points using ListPlot. First, define
your data list using Mathematica syntax for lists:

data = {{0, 0}, {1, 0}, {2,
     0}, {0, -1}, {1, -1}, {2, -1}, {0, -2}, {1, -2}, {2, -2}};

Then plot your data

ListPlot[data, PlotStyle -> {PointSize[.05]}]

For standard size points, delete the PlotStyle option. For
larger points increase the value for PointSize. Note, if you
make the points really large you will need to add a PlotRange
option to increase the size of the plot range in order to see
the entire point.

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