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Re: How to write reports and books in Mathematica

David Bailey <dave at> wrote:

> Per R=F8nne wrote:
> > Dominic <miliotodc at> wrote:
> >
> >> Based on what you wrote I gather you're not familiar with StyleSheet=
s in
> >> Mathematica.  That's what you need to learn how to use.  You either =
> >> an existing Stylesheet or create your own.  The StyleSheet then has
> >> various cell templates that you choose to enter various formatted da=
> >> into your notebook.  For example if you wanted to enter a block of
> >> descriptive text, you would choose the "text" style, and then as you
> >> enter text into that cell style, it's formatted as simple text altho=
> >> embedded math can be entered as well.  There is a whole process for
> >> managing, editing, creating, and using stylesheets in Mathematica.  =
> >> example, if I just wanted to startout using the Book stylesheet, I w=
> >> choose File/New/Styled Notebook/Book.  That loads a default styleshe=
> >> in a default "book" style.  But you would need to understand how to =
> >> those styles and edit the styles and I'm not aware of a good referen=
> >> for that.
> >
> > I have come a long way since I wrote my original post, partly through
> > private mails partly through guessing and reading in Stephen Wolfram'=
> > "The Mathematica Book 5th Edition". I have now solved my original
> > problems but of course there's lots of stuff I haven't been through y=
> >
> > I'm still waiting for answers from Wolfram as to whether I can update=
> > Mathematica 5 TE which has been "discontinued and no longer supported=
> > Otherwise, I'll just use my old TE on my old G4/867 Macintosh running
> > MacOS X 10.4 'Tiger' [I can then also run Classic apps]. I won't give=
> > my Snow Leopard on my newer computers and I can wait the 15 months it
> > will take for me to be able to purchase a Student's Edition. 90 pound
> > sterling the price will then be, rather than 195 for a "Home Edition"=

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