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Re: loop for with plot

Hi Maria,

either use
For[e3=0,e3<4,e3++,Print@Plot[2*R3*Sin[ArcCos[x/R3]]*e3,{x,-2R3,2 R3}]]
to get five plots displyed, or
Table[Plot[2*R3*Sin[ArcCos[x/R3]]*e3, {x, -2*R3, 2*R3}], {e3, 0, 4}]
to get a list of these plots, or to display them in one plot:
Plot[Evaluate[Table[2*R3*Sin[ArcCos[x/R3]]*e3, {e3, 0, 4}]], {x, -2*R3,


Am Sun, 30 May 2010 10:47:44 +0000 (UTC)
schrieb maria giovanna dainotti <mariagiovannadainotti at>:

> Dear Mathgroup,
> when I am using the loop for with plot is not working.
> here is the example
> R1=1.029
> R2=3
> R3=6
> e1=27
> e2=0
> e3=2.5
> For[e3=0,e3<4,e3++,Plot[{2*R3*Sin[ArcCos[x/R3]]*e3}, {x, -2R3,2 R3}]]
> How can I sort out the problem?
> Best regards
> Maria

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