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Re: Assertions in Mathematica?

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Besides, there is an unavoidable psychological inclination for writers to
project, over the writings they produce, what they (the writers) have in
their own minds; without, in fact, putting it on paper however they believe
that they do it. In other words, they do not write what they think they have
actually written: this is so because they, unconsciously, think/sense that
the lacking part is something 'obvious' and it is implicit in the text; or,
otherwise, it should be known by the intended readers. The result is that
many users/readers are doomed to spend, in this case, at least, 50% of their
time looking for non existing explanations.

However, when the writers read what they wrote, they actually perceive that
they wrote what they actually did not. And that is the source of the


E. Martin-Serrano

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Subject: [mg113516] [mg113513] Re: Assertions in Mathematica?

On 10/31/2010 12:10 AM, kj wrote:

Can I also join in the rant about the documentations? :)

What I like to see more in documentations:

1. more examples, and more examples, and yet more examples.
2. more description, do not be too terse. Many times, a command will
show one small example, and its output, with little words or description
to help someone to understand it.

Also, Documentation should have more tutorials showing how to combine
many commands together.

I also think the documentation should be written not by the developers
themselves, but by non-programmers.

Because if the programmer writes the documentation of the software they
know, they think something is 'obvious', and so they will short change
the documentation.

I think the Mathematica documentation seems to be written by the same
engineers who work on Mathematica itself, and these are very smart
developers to start with, and they think every one is at their level of
knowledge of Mathematica (subconsciously), so they might not describe
the command fully.

So please add more examples and more details to the documentations. More
is always better when it comes to help pages. Do not be like the unix
man pages ;)

> ~kj


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