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Infix doesn't worj with precedence and grouping

It is told in help, that

Infix[expr,h,precedence,grouping] can be used to specify how the
output form should be parenthesized.

but actually it doesn't work:

Format[EClass[x___]] := Infix[{x}, "=", 290, None]
In[40]:= EClass[a, b, c]
Out[40]= Infix[{a, b, c}, "=", 290, None]


In[65]:= Format[EClass[x___]] := Infix[{x}, "="]
In[66]:= EClass[a, b, c]
Out[66]= Infix[{a, b, c}, "="]


So how to specify precedence for infix format?


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