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Re: command to save as .m file

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  • Subject: [mg113713] Re: command to save as .m file
  • From: Sebastian <sebhofer at>
  • Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2010 05:40:06 -0500 (EST)
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On Nov 6, 10:59 am, David Bailey <d... at> wrote:
> On 05/11/10 10:11, David Bailey wrote:
> > On 04/11/10 09:01, Sebastian wrote:
> >> Hi,
> >> I've been searching the newsgroup and the web for an answer for this,
> >> but all the results were unsatisfactory:
> >> Is there a way to save the currently opened .nbfileto a .mfileby
> >> using a mathematica command and not the "Save as..." menu command?
> >> Please note that I want _all_ the cells to be written to themfile,
> >> not only the initialization cells. Even better would be a way to do
> >> this on every save of the nb, but I have given up hope that such a
> >> thing is possible. All this is part of my effort to find an effective
> >> version control solution for my mathematica files.
> >> TIA
> >> Sebastian
> > It would definitely help to explain a bit about what you want to achiev=
> > However, you could read your notebook with NotebookGet, then write that
> > messy structure to a .mfilewith Save. It would really help to
> > understand how you want to use this.
> > David Bailey
> >
> Sorry, I realised after I had written this, that you had explained what
> you are trying to achieve. I have a couple of extra suggestions:
> 1)   I believe Wolfram Workbench supports version control, but I don't
> use this because it seems to involve a steep learning curve and is not
> particularly well integrated with Mathematica.
> 2)  Notebooks are actually text files - try opening one with a text
> editor. Therefore, it is possible to read a notebook as lines of text
> from within Mathematica.
> David Bailey

thanks for your suggestions but they don't really achieve what I'm
trying to do. Sorry if it wasn't clear what I was trying to do, so
here goes again: By choosing "Save as..." from the file menu and then
selecting "Mathematica Package (*.m)" I can save a real "plain text"
file as opposed to a notebook (.nb) file, which has all these
metainformation and a very "messy structure" as you called it. This I
can easily check into a VC system, easily resolve merge conflicts and
so on. The problem is, that sometimes I want to edit the notebook
files as I want to keep certain output cells and I tend to forget to
save it to a package file.
Hope that clears things up!

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