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Re: Graphics: How to get values corresponding to

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  • Subject: [mg113730] Re: Graphics: How to get values corresponding to
  • From: Bob Hanlon <hanlonr at>
  • Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2010 03:54:03 -0500 (EST)

The issue is not whether the two plots are identical when displayed in the same Show but rather whether g and g2 individually have the same ImageSize, i.e., whether AbsoluteCurrentValue[g, ImageSize] accurately gives the ImageSize of g.

The initial image (g) has a default AspectRatio of 1/GoldenRatio so the ImageSize for g is not square. Whether AbsoluteCurrentValue[g, ImageSize] returns {350, 350} or {400,400} this does not represent the ImageSize of g. As a result, the bounding box for g2 has gaps at the top and bottom that are not present in the bounding box of g.

Bob Hanlon

---- Alexei Boulbitch <alexei.boulbitch at> wrote: 

Dear Bob,

I tried this your example:

g1 = Plot[Sin[y], {y, 0, 6 Pi}, PlotStyle ->  Red];

g2 = Plot[Sin[y], {y, 0, 6 Pi},
    ImageSize ->  AbsoluteCurrentValue[g, ImageSize]];

Show[{g1, g2}]

on my machine (PC, WinXP Pro, Math7). The two images happen to coincide (at least visually). The command
AbsoluteCurrentValue[g1, ImageSize]

{350, 350}

returned the size of 350, rather then 400 in my case.

Best regards, Alexei

While AbsoluteCurrentValue returns values, it is not the actual ImageSize of the original graphic.

g = Plot[Sin[y], {y, 0, 6 Pi}]

AbsoluteCurrentValue[g, ImageSize]

{400, 400}

g2 = Plot[Sin[y], {y, 0, 6 Pi},
   ImageSize ->  AbsoluteCurrentValue[g, ImageSize]]

Bob Hanlon

---- "Sjoerd C. de Vries"<sjoerd.c.devries at>  wrote:

AbsoluteCurrentValue[g, ImageSize] works for me, but I'm at loss as to
why AbsoluteOptions doesn't work.

Perhaps the documentation should be improved. Shall we start a thread
on that?  ;-)

Cheers -- Sjoerd

On Nov 2, 11:00 am, kj<no.em... at>  wrote:
>  Consider the following example.
>  In[1]:= g = Plot[Sin[y], {y, 0, 6 Pi}];
>  In[2]:= ImageSize /. FullOptions[g]
>  Out[2]:= Automatic
>  How can I determine the *number* X (!= Automatic) such that the
>  graphic generated by Plot[Sin[y], {y, 0, 6 Pi}, ImageSize->X] looks
>  identical to g as defined in In[1]?
>  More generally, for any option that accepts Automatic as a possible
>  value, how can I determine the whether there exists some value X
>  (distinct from Automatic) such that specifying X as the value of
>  this option would produce exactly the same results as specifying
>  Automatic, and if so, how can I determine this value?
>  Thanks!
>  ~kj

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Bob Hanlon

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