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How To Successfully Read Notebooks in Mathematica 7?


Let me say up front, I am a newbie to Mathematica. 

I downloaded an article ("Taylor Series") from Mathworld in Notebook format.
When I opened it up in Mathematica, it was nothing like how it was presented
in Mathworld. 

I noticed that there was a "version advisory" at the top of the document.
There was also a "Scan for possible issues" button, which I pressed, but did
not seem to make much of a difference. I also noticed that the downloaded
file states that there are a number of packages that I need to download in
order to evaluate this notebook - so, I downloaded these also.  

Once I downloaded these *.m files, I did not know what to do with them. I
assume that I need to load these into a Mathematica session, but I couldn't
work out how to do this with multiple files. 

The underlying issue that I am trying to resolve here is how to create a
highly-formatted math document with nicely labeled equations as seen on
Mathworld (i.e. no "In[1]:= , Out[1]:=", etc).

Any help appreciated. 


Andrew J Fortune,



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