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Exporting .eps file, screen doesn't match .eps file

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  • Subject: [mg114119] Exporting .eps file, screen doesn't match .eps file
  • From: Anne <annie.goj at>
  • Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2010 06:59:00 -0500 (EST)

   I need to export a figure as an eps file.  The figure will contain
a 3D plot, and Graphics objects including spheres, dashed lines,
arrows, and text.  When I export the figure, the picture in the eps
file doesn't match what is shown on the screen of the Mathematica 7
frontend- the text is moved to different places relative to other
elements and the dashed lines appear solid.
The command at the end of this post demonstrates some of these errors.

How do I fix the dashed lines?
How do I control the relative size of the text without doing a trial
and error?
Other than adding a PlotRange option to the Show command, is there
another way to ensure that all of the text and objects will be
included in the bounding box of the figure?
How can I make the exported figure appear identical to the figure in
the frontend?

I see from previous posts that others have had difficulty with
exporting eps files, but unfortunately that format is not my choice
and converting from jpeg to eps looks bad (at least it looks bad using
ImageMagick, Gimp, and other Linux utilities that I have tried.)  Any
general help in how to more easily produce .eps diagrams in
Mathematica would be welcome.

sample=Show[Graphics3D[{Brown, Thickness[0.03], Dashed,
   Line[{{0, 0, 0}, {2, 2, 2}}]}],
 Graphics3D[{Blue, Sphere[{3, 3, 3}, 0.08]}, Boxed -> False,
  Ticks -> None, Axes -> False],
 Graphics3D[{Blue, FontSize -> 40,
   Text["Some Text Here", {-3, 3, 3}]}, Boxed -> True,
  BoxRatios -> {4, 3, 3}, Ticks -> None, Axes -> False],
 Graphics3D[{Green, FontSize -> 40, Text["More Text", {2, -2, 1}]},
  Boxed -> True, BoxRatios -> {4, 3, 3}, Ticks -> None,
  Axes -> False]]

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