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Re: Rendering transparent objects changed in M8

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  • Subject: [mg114274] Re: Rendering transparent objects changed in M8
  • From: Helen Read <readhpr at>
  • Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2010 06:09:50 -0500 (EST)
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On 11/28/2010 6:54 AM, Daniel Lichtblau wrote:
>> "David Skulsky"<edskulsky at> wrote:
>> truxton spangler<truxtonspangle... at> wrote:
>> [...]
>>> Shame there isn't a web page on their site with bug fixes and work
>>> arounds. Apart from being useful for users it would reduce the load
>>> on their tech support people I would guess, because we could check out
>>> the fixes and work arounds page before contacting them.
>>> TS
>> I like your idea and I hope you send it to Wolfram (and that they
>> implement it).
>> Meanwhile, I'll post any additional workarounds I learn about in this
>> group (perhaps we should include "workaround" in the subject to make
>> searching a bit easier).
>> David
> Might be a good idea. I gather there were some management misgivings
> regarding this in the past, but my recollection is sufficiently foggy
> that I cannot really address that, and in particular I do not know if
> this remains a current issue. I will make some comments on various
> social and technical aspects.


> (3) It is not easy to get this information to users who might need
> it.  We do not always recognize when a question involves an issue in this
> territory. And most people who have such questions are not likely to be
> MathGroup readers (specifically, your "we could check out the fixes" is
> far from "most users would..."). The upshot is we might often face
> ignorance on both our end (when we fail to recognize this type of an
> FAQ) and the user's. This of course does not make having a workaround
> list a bad idea: it simply indicates why it might be of limited use.
> (4) It can be difficult to write an FAQ in such a way that it is
> clear  to most readers. So we could end up doing work that has little
> applicability. I believe our experience is that this is an issue, but
> not a serious one (meaning, an FAQ can be generally useful as a first
> line of defense).

It seems to me that the Wolfram User Portal would be the perfect place 
for some kind of FAQ / Wiki / Forum. I set up a Wolfram ID a few months 
ago, when I signed up to be a Beta tester for v.8. At the time the 
Portal was pretty bare bones, and I assumed that more features would be 
added before the release of Mathematica 8. Here we are months later, and 
still the *only* thing the Portal seems useful for is for obtaining 
Activation Keys and/or downloading the software. It would be nice if 
there were some actual content there.

I know plenty of Mathematica users/enthusiasts (students and colleagues 
of mine) who don't have any idea how to get to Math Group, but would 
seek out a FAQ or Wiki or Forum if such things were readily available 
via a tab in the User Portal. It would be great if I could tell someone 
who runs into something weird in Mathematica, "Log into the User Portal 
and look around the FAQ..." or "Log into the User Portal and post a 
question on the Forum."

Helen Read
University of Vermont

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