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Links from slide shows/PDF documents to Mathematica Manipulate demos?

Does anyone have any practical advice or tips based on personal 
experience to offer re linking from within standard slide presentations 
or PDF documents to present and display live Mathematica animations 
using the Manipulate[ ] commands --and back?


 I have Adobe Acrobat and some elementary experience in linking from 
within PDF presentations or documents to movies, QuickTime animations 
and the like -- including creating the links in the PDF document to 
start with.  Before I start on any tedious experiments doing this with 
Mathematica Manipulates[ ]s, I'd appreciate any tips or advice from 
others who've already done this.

[Similar tips for linking to Mathematica Manipulate[ ]s from within PowerPoint 
or Keynote presentations may also be hepful -- but my base platform is 
likely to remain PDF rather than either of these.]

  I know there are Mathematica supporters who will argue strongly that 
presentations like this not only can be, but should be, prepared and 
presented entirely within Mathematica itself.

Sorry -- all due respect for this view -- but not gonna happen, for me 
or, I think, for very many others.

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