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repost - expanding inline d[xy]/dx during implicit differentiation

Thanks in advance for any help .....

Implicit Differentiation

Below, I need to get the inline d[xy]/dx to expand in the Dt output.
Ditto for the output of Solve.  (I have done other implicit differentiation
calculations that have done this correctly.) What is the issue here?

eq5=x^3-3x^2 y+2xy^2==12

x^3-3 x^2 y+2 xy^2\[LongEqual]12


-3 x^2 \[DifferentialD]y/\[DifferentialD]x+3 x^2+4 xy 
\[DifferentialD]xy/\[DifferentialD]x-6 x y\[LongEqual]0


{{\[DifferentialD]y/\[DifferentialD]x->(3 x^2+4 xy 
\[DifferentialD]xy/\[DifferentialD]x-6 x y)/(3 x^2)}}

*.nb is located here:


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