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What generates the In/Out CellLabels and how do I change them?

When Mathematica evaluates a cell, it gives the Input cell and Output
cell the CellLabels In[$Line]:= and Out[$Line]= where $Line is a
counter that gets incremented on each evaluated input.

If you input something like TraditionalForm[expr] or TeXForm[expr] (or
any other *Form from $OutputForms) then the name of the form also gets
added to the Output cell's label. eg Out[1]//TraditionalForm=.

I can't find any way of customising these labels.
    * They can be disabled in the Preferences dialog.
    * They don't seem to be in the StyleSheet options for Input and
Output cells - although the options pertaining to the CellLabel
behaviour are there.
    * Nor in the Notebook options - although Notebook Options >
Evaluation Options > EvaluationCompletionAction can modify the
    * Nor any of the init.m type configuration files.

So, does anyone know where these CellLabels are generated?
(Note: This question was also asked at
I have a feeling that this has been discussed here before - but I
could not find the thread)

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