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MLGetReal64List() and numbers out of machine precision

What should be the default behavior of MLGetReal64List() function when
some numbers in the list of real numbers created by Mathematica, and
passed to C code through this function, are out of machine precision
(for example: either very very small, or very very large numbers)?
I'm writing some C codes to be called from Mathematica, and when I use
above function to fetch the list from Mathematica into C code, no
error is reported (function returns non-zero value), but values stored
in memory by this function are unrelated to actual values put in list
by my Mathematica test code before my C code called in case these
actual values are out of machine precision...

Is there a way to "cast" values to machine precision in Mathematica?
I tried with N[], and half-dozen other possible approaches, but to no


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