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Re: Minimize - What am I doing worng?

Hi Ed,

It's difficult to detremine what precisely goes wrong since you forgot
to include your input, but judging from the output it might be that
you are using a function that returns a list rather than a number.

Cheers -- Sjoerd

On Oct 26, 11:37 am, "Eduardo M. A. M.Mendes" <emammen... at>
> Hello
> I am trying to use minimize as follows
> But unfortunately Mathematica returns
> NMinimize::nnum: The function value \[NoBreak]{1.30494}\[NoBreak] is not a
> number at \[NoBreak]{m,l1,l2}\[NoBreak] =
> \[NoBreak]{1.30494,0.36693,0.63307}\[NoBreak].
> <> =87
> What am I doing wrong?  If I use rational numbers there is no problem.
> Many thanks
> Ed

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