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Re: Minimize - What am I doing worng?


Mu should not be in double curly brackets (not even in single ones). You shouldn't use _1 and _2 as you did. _ is a special character in Mathematica (signifies a pattern). Use ctrl-underscore for subscripts.

The following is a sanitized version of your input which works for me

Minimize[\[Mu], {\[Mu] >==
    Abs[-0.485532 Subscript[\[Lambda], 1] -
      0.485801 Subscript[\[Lambda], 2] + 0.4858] && \[Mu] >==
    Abs[-0.514468 Subscript[\[Lambda], 1] -
      0.514199 Subscript[\[Lambda], 2] + 0.5142] &&
   Subscript[\[Lambda], 1] + Subscript[\[Lambda], 2] ==== 1 &&
   Subscript[\[Lambda], 1] >== 0 &&
   Subscript[\[Lambda], 2] >== 0 && \[Mu] >== 0}, {\[Mu],
  Subscript[\[Lambda], 1], Subscript[\[Lambda], 2]}]

Cheers -- Sjoerd

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Subject: [mg113405] RE: Minimize - What am I doing worng?

Here is the command please let me know if you can see it



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To: 'Eduardo M. A. M.Mendes'
Subject: [mg113405] RE: Minimize - What am I doing worng?

Copy as text from the Edit menu usually works. Sometimes pasting the
clipboard to an ascii editor such as Notepad and copying back gets rid of
ascii problems so that the clipboard is clean for a copy to your newsreader=

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