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Re: Finite Groups...infinite disappoinment

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  • Subject: [mg112243] Re: Finite Groups...infinite disappoinment
  • From: David Bailey <dave at>
  • Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2010 04:15:42 -0400 (EDT)
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On 05/09/10 12:08, magma wrote:
> I have just checked some basic info using FiniteGroupData.
> I was looking for some MultiplicationTable for some groups.
> Indeed you can get the MultiplicationTable for the Quaternion group
> without a problem
> FiniteGroupData["Quaternion", "MultiplicationTable"]
> but no such luck with many/most other groups.
> For example:
> FiniteGroupData["C2", "MultiplicationTable"]
> and also
> FiniteGroupData["D4", "MultiplicationTable"]
> both return  Missing[NotAvailable]
> Consulting the wonderful wizard of W.Alfa you get....
> well exactly the same.
> No MultiplicationTable for either group.
> Considering that the MultiplicationTable is what makes a group tick,
> the lack of this info is quite astonishing. Especially after several
> months/years since first creating these "curated" data.
> I might also , but I won't, bother you with such minute things as
> ParticleData. Well...let's just say that many had to postpone their
> backyard particle accelerators for lack of crucial data in Mathematica.
> On the other end, if you consult the wonderful wizard of W.Alfa on the
> word "ketchup" you get all you ever wanted to know - and most of what
> you never dreamt of asking - about the ubiquitous red sauce.
> So will you join me in the worldwide chorus of people asking the
> "saucy" question:
> <<  Dear WRI, when will you finally "ketch-up" with your curated data?
> PS
> In truth, W.Alfa is a wonderful dictionary and a great source of
> nutritional info. You can already get from it the detailed - and
> correct - recipe for "Tiramisu" (a traditional Italian dessert, which
> is increasingly getting attention on worldwide dining tables), but
> typing "caprese salad" still leaves you hungry for more info.
> Finally if you type "recipe", you will get a mouth-watering half-
> promise from WRI, which we all hope will be fulfilled in the very near
> future.

My feeling is that you hit the nail on the head - the idea of curated 
data over such a broad range is basically not possible. Another such 
area is chemical information, thus you are rewarded by:



ChemicalData["Copper Sulphate"]


ChemicalData["Copper Sulfate"]

(I tried both spellings) yielded nothing. Copper sulphate was the first 
chemical that I tried in my new chemistry set about 50 years ago!

David Bailey

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