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Finite Groups...infinite disappoinment

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  • Subject: [mg112228] Finite Groups...infinite disappoinment
  • From: magma <maderri2 at>
  • Date: Sun, 5 Sep 2010 07:08:24 -0400 (EDT)

I have just checked some basic info using FiniteGroupData.
I was looking for some MultiplicationTable for some groups.

Indeed you can get the MultiplicationTable for the Quaternion group
without a problem

FiniteGroupData["Quaternion", "MultiplicationTable"]

but no such luck with many/most other groups.

For example:

FiniteGroupData["C2", "MultiplicationTable"]

and also

FiniteGroupData["D4", "MultiplicationTable"]

both return  Missing[NotAvailable]

Consulting the wonderful wizard of W.Alfa you get....
well exactly the same.
No MultiplicationTable for either group.
Considering that the MultiplicationTable is what makes a group tick,
the lack of this info is quite astonishing. Especially after several
months/years since first creating these "curated" data.

I might also , but I won't, bother you with such minute things as
ParticleData. Well...let's just say that many had to postpone their
backyard particle accelerators for lack of crucial data in Mathematica.

On the other end, if you consult the wonderful wizard of W.Alfa on the
word "ketchup" you get all you ever wanted to know - and most of what
you never dreamt of asking - about the ubiquitous red sauce.

So will you join me in the worldwide chorus of people asking the
"saucy" question:

<< Dear WRI, when will you finally "ketch-up" with your curated data?

In truth, W.Alfa is a wonderful dictionary and a great source of
nutritional info. You can already get from it the detailed - and
correct - recipe for "Tiramisu" (a traditional Italian dessert, which
is increasingly getting attention on worldwide dining tables), but
typing "caprese salad" still leaves you hungry for more info.
Finally if you type "recipe", you will get a mouth-watering half-
promise from WRI, which we all hope will be fulfilled in the very near

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