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Re: Plotting Quartic Solutions in Polar Coordinates

  {r = Sqrt[x^2 + y^2], phi = ArcTan[x, y],
   m = 2},
   r^4 - 2 Cos[2*phi] r^2 - (a - 1) == 0,
   {x, -m, m}, {y, -m, m}]],
 {a, .1, 4., .1, Appearance -> "Labeled"}]

Bob Hanlon

---- Ed Frank <satchelp at> wrote: 


I have used "Solve" in (M7HE) to provide solutions to a Quartic equation in (r,Phi), and have attempted to plot the results in Polar coordinates without much success.
Can I send you what I have done - in an email attachment perhaps - and ask for your comments?
The equation involves the 2 variables (r, Phi) and a single, constant (though adjustable) parameter:
r^4 - (2 Cos[2*[Phi]]) r^2 - (a - 1) == 0
These are "Cassinian Ovals" for different vales of "a".

I think part of the problem may be in the self-defined formulas I created to consolidate the solution(s).
PolarPlot seems to plot a Test constant value OK, but won't plot my solution formulas.

Ed Frank
satchelp at

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