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Re: ContourPlot and lines vrs. 8.0

Show[ContourPlot[(\[Alpha]h1 xh-xh^2)+(\[Alpha]h2 xf-xf^2),

Bob Hanlon

---- kristoph < at> wrote: 


I would like to plot a contour plot of two different functions. One of
them is a line in the contour plot. The problem I have is that the
plot only shows the line and only ONE curve of the other function.
What I would like to have is a usual contour plot of the function and
the line of the other function. Below you find the code of the contour

\[Alpha]h1 = 16;
\[Alpha]h2 = 16;
ContourPlot[{(\[Alpha]h1 xh - xh^2) + (\[Alpha]h2 xf - xf^2),
  xf - (\[Alpha]h1 - xh) == 0}, {xh, 0, 10}, {xf, 0, 10},
 Contours -> 250]

Here is the contour plot of the first function only. It would be great
to have this plot with only one line expressed by the function  xf - (\
[Alpha]h1 - xh) == 0.

ContourPlot[{(\[Alpha]h1 xh - xh^2) + (\[Alpha]h2 xf - xf^2)}, {xh, 0,
   10}, {xf, 0, 10}, Contours -> 250]

Thanks for help,

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