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Re: Import, ReadList, and Unicode

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  • Subject: [mg115170] Re: Import, ReadList, and Unicode
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  • Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2011 03:57:14 -0500 (EST)


Without more information it becomes difficult examine your problem. 

To set the CharacterEncoding and SystemCharacterEncoding for UTF-8 the
string value is "UTF8" no dash.
I will assume this is what you did and writing about it now is just an

Nevertheless, what other items that may be the source of your phenomena?

Without knowing what OS you are using I would say that you may have a Byte
Order Mark (BOM) issue.

Some applications add a BOM to the beginning of a file or stream. It is up
to the consuming application to know how to handle the BOM. So including a
BOM is not technically wrong.

Can you provide more information on the file for example how it was saved,
what structure are your expecting, what are the RecordSeperators (default)?


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Subject: [mg115170] [mg115151] Import, ReadList, and Unicode

In Mathematica v8 i am using this convoluted way to read the contents of a
unicode file saved in utf-8 format
txt = Import["file.txt",CharacterEncoding -> "UTF-8"]
w = ReadList[StringToStream[txt], Record, RecordLists -> True]
the output like this:
{{unicode chars},{unicode chars},{unicode chars}}
the letters displayed correctly even if i don't use CharacterEncoding ->
but using
ReadList["file.txt", Record]
will return the file as a  garbage characters , and setting
$SystemCharacterEncoding = "UTF-8"
$CharacterEncoding = $SystemCharacterEncoding
does not cure the problem since ReadList can't accept CharacterEncoding ->
"UTF-8" in its syntax unlike Import.
are there some cure to this phenomena.

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