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Re: Trial version of Mathematica 8 restrictions and a

It's Mathematica 8, plain and simple!  As to functionality, there's no 
essential difference!

(Except, as with the Student Edition, you might see something special on 
headers or footers of printed pages -- if that's even still the case 
with the Student Edition.)

As to moving from the trial version to a regular licensed version from 
your University, presumably there's a site license administrator at your 
institution who can answer that question. Of, if not, phone or e-mail 
Wolfram Research.

On 1/2/2011 4:57 AM, George wrote:
> I got the trial version of Mathematica 8 for 15 days to use it and it
> says it is unrestricted.
> But what version is this? Home or professional? I mean what features
> it has?
> Also i know that when you get a license and put it, then a "mathpass"
> file is created into a.......blablabla/Licensing folder. But with the
> trial none such file is created. So how does it know that i have the
> trial version?
> Because my university will provide me a license of Mathematica and i
> want to put it in the trial to make it full. But where to put it since
> there is no way to get the activation window!! Do i have to wait the
> trial license to end in 15 days and then i have to put it? There must
> be a better way. Normal way is to delete the "mathpass" file and then
> Mathematica asks you for an activation key and password etc. But with
> trial there is no "mathpass" file created so how should i do it?

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