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Re: The new (v.8.0) distribution plots using a numerical or date

In your example, adding

ChartLabels -> (DateString[{2010, #, 1}, {"Month", "/", "Day"}] & /@

to the options would label with some date labels. DateString can
produce quite a lot of different styles.

Does this soilve your problem or is it plotting multiple data list in
one plot that is your main problem?

Cheers -- Sjoerd

On Jan 19, 11:29 am, Mac <mwjdavid... at> wrote:
> Statistical visualisation of data has improved dramatically in v 8.0
> and provide a very useful way of summarising statistical uncertainty
> in measurements or simulations. I've been particularly impressed with
> the types of graphs that can be produced using the BoxWhiskerChart[]
> or DistributionChart[] functions.
> Unfortunately I've been frustrated with the lack of support of these
> functions for typical plots of time series or variables which have
> either a numerical or date X-axis. Imagine for instance that you would
> like to plot the distribution of temperatures within a 24 period and
> plot these either in terms of date and/or day of the year, and going
> further compare these to another time series of measurements. It is
> not possible to specify an X-coordinate for each BoxWisker or
> DistributionChart.
> In short, what I would like to achieve is something like this
> data = Table[RandomReal[ExponentialDistribution[1], 10], {10}];
> DistributionChart[data, ChartStyle -> 47,
>  ChartElementFunction -> "PointDensity"]
> with an X-axis which is either a number (e.g. day of the year) or even
> better a date. I would anticipate that this can be achieved either
> playing around with the ChartLabel[] function or (more generally)
> using the PlotMarker[] functionality as this would allow the
> superposition of several time series, but I've made little progress
> here.
> Your help would be much appreciated.
> Mac

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