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Contour ColorFunction in a ParametricPlot

I looked for this specific question in the archive and I did not find.

I want to create a contour (ie. not smooth) ColorFunction over a parametricplot.

For example:
ParametricPlot3D[ {Cos[ \[Phi]] Sin[\[Theta]],
  Sin[\[Phi]] Sin[\[Theta]], Cos[\[Theta]]}, {\[Phi], 0,
  2 \[Pi]}, {\[Theta], 0, \[Pi]}, PlotPoints -> 100, Mesh -> None,
 ColorFunction ->
  Function[{x, y, z, \[Phi], \[Theta]},
   Hue[Sin[6 \[Phi]] Sin[6 \[Theta]]]], ColorFunctionScaling -> True]

Here the colorfunction is smooth, what directive should I add to obtain a contour of the colour and to manage the number of contours ?

Thanks in advance.

Mathias Blandeau

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I would like to be added to the mathgroup mailing list, I am using Mathematica for my PhD and I have several questions to ask.
Thank you in advance

Mathias Blandeau

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