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Re: Genomes Mathematica knows about and how to use them?

The GenomeData function in Mathematica only has the human genome. 
However, there are a number of other genomes available via the 
WolframAlpha interface present in Mathematica 8. At the end of this blog 
post, there are some examples -- rat, zebra fish, mouse, drosophila, ...

W|A Computational Biology

On 7/27/2011 3:13 AM, Ted Ersek wrote:
> I know someone who is a researcher in biochemistry and I wanted to show them
> how Mathematica could be useful in their research.  I read somewhere that
> besides the human genome,  Mathematica has the genome of a certain species
> of mouse and fruit fly in its  curated data.  Then I figured Mathematica
> might also have the genomes of the bacteria they research in its curated
> data.
> How does one find out what genomes are included in curated data that comes
> with Mathematica?  Once you know a certain genome besides the human genome
> is available, how do you access it?
> If one is going to Import a genome from a source independent of Wolfram
> Research, what are likely file formats one would Import?
> Thanks,
>     Ted Ersek

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