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Re: querries

If mu and lambda are both negative, then the expression may not be zero.  Consider:

In[9]:= Assuming[{b, \[Lambda], \[Mu]} \[Element] 
   Reals, (\[Mu] \[Lambda])^b - \[Mu]^b \[Lambda]^b] // Simplify

Out[9]= -\[Lambda]^b \[Mu]^b + (\[Lambda] \[Mu])^b


In[24]:= Simplify[(\[Mu] \[Lambda])^b - \[Mu]^b \[Lambda]^b, 
 Assumptions -> {\[Lambda] < 0, \[Mu] > 0}]

Out[24]= 0

You'll get the same result (0) for lambda >0, mu <0 and lambda>0, mu >0.


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