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Improt vs Get

I have a file tst:

{{X [m], -0.5066E+01, -0.4039E+01, -0.3012E+01},{Y [m], -0.5066E+01, 
-0.4039E+01, -0.3012E+01}}

which I Get:
fn = FileNameJoin[{myDir, "tst"}]

In[]= Get[fn]

which is not what I expect.

Import, however, returns the content of tst:

In[] =Import[fn,"List"]
Out[]= {{{X [m], -0.5066E+01, -0.4039E+01, -0.3012E+01},{Y [m], 
-0.5066E+01, -0.4039E+01, -0.3012E+01}}}

What do I miss here?
Thanks in advance,

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